The last game either Cam Newton and the Auburn Tigers or LaMichael James and the Oregon Ducks played before the BCS National Championship last night, January 10th, was all the way back on December 4th.

That's a 37 day layoff: absurd and downright inexcusable.

This Auburn-Oregon match-up had the potential to be one of the most exciting National Championships in recent memory.  Cam Newton vs. LaMichael James, the players who finished 1-2 in voting for the Heisman Trophy.

During the regular season, Oregon's offense average 537.5 yards of total offense and led the nation putting up 49.3 points per game.  Auburn wasn't too far behind averaging 497.7 yards and 42.7 points per game.

With the high powered offenses and the game breaking stars, the national title had all the makings of a classic shootout.  It turned out to be anything but.

Auburn ended up winning over Oregon 22-19 in a disappointing performance.

The yards were there.  Auburn had a total of 520 offensive yards while Oregon had 455.  The rust was apparent though as both team failed to punch it in.

The game featured a scoreless first quarter and a second half where the two teams that thrived all season long in the final quarters combined for just 14 points.

No team should have to wait over a month to play their bowl game.  The long layoff should be blamed.

College football camps don't even last that long.  The BCS National Championship game is showcasing the same type of performance an opening day game would have: teams trying to get back into a rhythm.

A playoff system would obviously change this "rust factor", but the NCAA is far too full of greed to make any changes that puts less doe in their pockets.

The BCS National Championship game should have the same length of layoff as the NFL does before the Super Bowl: two weeks.

Can you imagine the Super Bowl taking place five weeks after the AFC and NFC Championship?  Just the idea of it sounds moronic.

That's what's happening in college though and the teams, players, and fans are suffering for it.