Randy Moss was claimed by the Tennessee Titans Tuesday afternoon after being cut by the Minnesota Vikings the day before.

No one had to expect the conservative minded coaching staff of the Titans to make a move for the controversial Moss.  

The reason he was traded: fight with a coach.  The reason he was cut: lack of effort; disrespect.

That's definitely not the type of player the Titans organization would be expected to sign, but either way, the signing of Super Freak turns the Titans offense into the most explosive in the NFL.

Everyone knows how fast Chris Johnson is.  His 40 yard dash combine record, 4.24 speed was on display all last season on route to a 2000 yard rushing campaign.

Maybe the most explosive running back of all-time now combines with the most explosive wide receiver of all-time.

Moss doesn't have the 4.25 speed or the 51 inch vertical he had coming out of college, but he still demands respect from opposing safeties.  When he puts his hand up on that fly route, ouch, that still gives nightmares to opposing cornerbacks today.

Of course, when Vince Young returns to full strength, the best scrambling quarterback in the NFL, next to Michael Vick, forces an extra defender to play spy or for defensive lineman to ease up on the pass-rush and contain.

In terms of Young's progression, it's the perfect time to add Moss as Young has the highest quarterback rating in the entire NFL.

Don't forget about Kenny Britt either.  Before his injury, Britt recorded a receiving touchdown in five straight games including 225 yards, three touchdown performance against the Philadelphia Eagles.

The NFL's best play making defense in 2010 now has the most exciting offense bar none.

All those unscheduled prime time football games have "Tennessee Titans vs. whoever" written all over them.