Look, if you had...one shot, or one opportunity....to seize everything you ever wanted...one moment. Which one player...would you give the ball to?

Any of the following players would be an excellent choice.  They are the most dangerous athletes in NFL history.

One play: that is all they need to take it to the house.

One play: needed to change the outcome of a game.

These are players who keep defensive coordinators up at night, nightmares that no psychiatrist could ever help eliminate.

Secondaries can't bring them down, linebackers can't catch them, and might as well stock up on the oxygen tanks for the defensive lineman.

'Til the end of time, players will try to match the magic that these 50 have performed on the gridiron.  They can listen to "Can't Touch This" a thousand times, drink as many Red Bulls as they can stomach, but only the very few elite will ever be able to join the prestigious top tier of this classification of player: explosive.

Ladies and gentlemen, the 50 most explosive players in NFL history: